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Welcome, let me tell you about the best PTC site.

What is PTC?

PTC stands for Paid to Click; NeoBux is a PTC site that pays instantly. It allows you to view advertisements from the sponsors and pays you for the viewing those ads. Take a look at what happens when you are active every day.

See the PayPal Payment Proofs

See the PayPal Payment Proofs

How to start?

How to start?


Click this banner to go to NeoBux. Then watch the videos and follow the steps

How to register?

How to register?




Follow the same steps bellow

1. Click on the banner

2. On the next page click on the “Register” link on the upper right corner

3. Next Step is the “New registration” page

4. Verify your E-mail - Insert the validation code received into your email address and click the "FINISH REGISTRATION". Give couple of minutes to arrive, also check the spam/trash folder

Note: If Referer field is NOT there, don't worry. If the field is there, Click here before you enter any info and repeat step 2 above.

new reg text

Username: Type in your desired username (or nickname).

It can only contain letters and numbers, must start with a letter and the length must be between 4 and 14 chars.

If the username you choose is already taken, you can always choose another.

Password: Type in your password.

It can only contain letters and numbers and the length must be between 4 and 20 chars.

This password will allow you to login to NeoBux so keep it safe and do not tell anyone about it.

Also, as a security measure, your password will be encrypted when stored in our database so, not even we at NeoBux can see it.

If you are a registered user of other PTC sites, we recommend that you choose a different password here.

Email: Type in your personal email address.

This email address will be used only by NeoBux. We will use it to send you news updates, reports and other useful information as well as your password recovery information, forum notifications and support tickets replies.

This email address will never be shown, sold or given.

This is just our way of communicating with you.

AlertPay/PayPal Email: Use the same email address you used to register in PayPal or AlertPay. If you don’t have one, I will show you how to open one for free in the section “How do I get the money”.

For now use the same personal email address again

Birth Year: Type the year you were born.

Important: Your birth year will be requested if you forget your username or password.

Image Verification: Type the letters shown on the image.

My “WJHEA” is just an example that matches my image,

yours will be different that must match your image

Login to your account

Login to your account

After you have verified your email, click on the login on the top right of the neobux page.

Since you just made this account, you only need to enter your username, password, and Verification Code from the image.

Note: Secondary password should be blank since you have not setup a 2nd password yet, it is done in the “Personal” section under your account.

View Advertisements

View Advertisements

Go to “View Advertisement” page

Note: On your page you will see “Your advertisement clicks reset at” followed by a specific time. Ex: 03:09

That time is the server time which is same as New York, USA.

So you will click the ads that are available right now and you can come back anytime within 24 hours after server time has passed and click on the ads so they will count for the day, now if you do this every day you will see same results that are shown on the top of the page.

You will see there are 4 Standard ads for you to view. You will be paid for viewing these ads.

Click on the ad, and then you have to click on the red circle to view that ad and wait for the bar on the top to appear and fully load. After 30 sec you will see

Different types of ads

· Mini is timed for 15 sec before you get the credit of $0.005 = half a cent = 0.5 cent (you will get the credit but they don’t show in the stats graph)

· Standard is timed for 30 sec before you get the credit of $0.01 = one cent = 1 cent

· Extended is timed for 60 sec before you get the credit of $0.02 = two cents = 2 cents


How to earn more?

How to earn more?

1. Standard Member
Per Click : $0.010
Per Referral Click: $0.005

2. Golden Member
Per Click : $0.010 to $0.020
Per Referral Click : $0.010 to $0.020

- Minimum Payout - $2 - Instant Payout

- Golden Membership Requirements
1. Have 50 clicks credited.
2. Have rented referrals 2 times.
3. Have registered at least 15 days ago.

Note: I Highly Recommend To Upgrade To Golden Membership.

If you have a Golden Membership, click 10 ads a day and refer 150 members who also click 10 top ads a day :
You win $30.2 (US Dollars) per day that translates to around $936.2 (US Dollars) per month. Now, try to multiply that for a year.

Register Now and start earning money for free!

Important Note: Click ads daily after joining to keep your account active, otherwise your account will be deleted if there is no activity for 30 days or more.

Option 1

Option 2

Direct Referrals

You can find your link by clicking on the screen name in NeoBux after you log in. then click on "Banners". Now you can able to see you direct referral link. send this link to your friends, post in blogs, your websites. If anybody joined through this link they will be called as "direct referrals".

You will receive 50% of their earnings, if you are standard member. If you are golden member you will receive 100% of their earnings.

(After registration of 30 days and you should click at least 100 ads to refer others)

Rented Referrals

You can rent some people who are other members of the web site clicking ads same like you. You have to pay some little money that depends on your level and how many you currently have rented and you will gain cash as they clicks ads.


•You rented 200 members per month

= $50

•Every member will click 4+ ads daily 4x0.005

= $ 0.02+

•For 200 members per day

= $2+

•For 1 month

= $60+

•Pure Profit

= $10+

If you rent 1000 referrals your profit will be $50 per month.


Important Note: You are allowed to have one account per person as stated in TOS. If you make another account for another member of your family, then you can only view ads once every 48 hours each alternating 24 hours. in other words if you click on ads today, then the other account will be able to click in 24 hours, alternating turns, or depends under who's account you click first. AND THIS IS VERY INEFFICIENT! and there is a chance that YOUR ACOUNT WILL BE TERMINATED, my advice is to sign up with each of the following PTCs.



How do I get the money?

How do I get the money?

how to get the money ppalp

Do you have any of the following accounts? PayPal / AlertPay / NETELLER

If you do not, you will need to create one of them for later use in order to receive your future earnings from NeoBux.

Don’t worry they are all free to register

PayPal / AlertPay / NETELLER

· Check each one of them to see if they are available in your country.

· Just choose “Personal Account” for now when you register, if anything you will have the option to change account type later on if you wish

· Use your valid email account when you register

· Link up your bank with this new account

o Make sure there is an S in the beginning of the URL like this httpS://www... That means it secure

o The most important is that it should be Verified by VeriSign

· Then you will be able to transfer your cash to your bank account with PayPal / AlertPay / NETELLER

thank you

Thank you very much for spending your valuable time. Happy Earning.

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